Publishing With Perspectives

GET PUBLISHED - Self Publishing

At PepperScript, we believe it is better to give full control
of publishing to the author!


Step 1

Instead of listing out a few packages, we created a plan in which the author can enter the amount of investment they are willing to make. According to that, PepperScript offers you a package.

Just enter the amount of investment you are willing to make!

Step 2

After you have enterred your amount of investment, it’s time to figure out how your book will be! You upload your manuscript file, and we find the number of words in the file, and curate the number of pages our books will be.

Step 3

After you have uploaded your manuscript, you are given the option to decide on the production cost you want to spend per book. The production cost will be deducted from the selling price of the book.

Step 4

Your earnings are transferred to your account. On top that, you get royalties too! Well, it depends on which is book is being sold. A purchase from PepperScript bookstore will yeild a different royalty value than a purchase from any other site like Amazon.